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Happiness Engineer at Automattic, blogger at Surviving the Modern World. I like both shiny gadgets like my iPhone and simple things like my own homemade soap. Above all, I love WordPress! :)

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Intro to browser tools: Understanding the technical aspects of Firebug

Presented by Nick Batik, Pleiades Services Firebug is a Firefox extension To get it, go to Firefox menu under Tools > Add-ons and search for Firebug and install it into your browser. Firebug allows you to go under the hood of your browser. You can view and change the code on any website to see […]

WordPress.com for Business (and everything else)

Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s Beginner’s WordPress meetup and heard about the “other flavor” of WordPress: sites hosted on WordPress.com. My slides: http://wpaustin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/wpcom4business.pdf   Requested links: Sign up for free WordPress.com account WordPress.com support documentation  (with a contact support button) Moving from a self-hosted/WordPress.org site Using an existing domain on WordPress.com Upgrade bundles How […]

The Technical Aspects of SEO for WordPress

Announcements WordCamp Austin 2014 will be in April, final location and dates TBA soon. It will be a two day event this year for $40, and we will have an online option for those who can’t attend in person. We are still looking for people who are interested in coordinating different aspects of the program. […]

How To Use Social Networks To Build Your On-line Brands and Customer Awareness

Presentation by Yvonne “V” Young of SincereSocial Social media is networking, sales, customer service and more. You’re building relationships. Customer service through social media is a great way to reach out to your customers. Listen more than you speak. Give other people credit for ideas You’re talking to real people. Who are you? Are you […]

12 Biggest SEO Mistakes Web Designers/Developers Make

Presentation by Tony Tovar Presentation Intro: Question he got from a businessman: “What the heck is wrong with Google? I should totally be ranked high in Google.” This prompted Tony to start talking to the community about SEO. < title > tag  This is what Google sees when it visits your site and displays in […]

WordPress Theme Anatomy and Child Themes – Part I

WordPress Theme Anatomy Presenter: Corey Ellis Notes from Corey’s presentation: http://urli.st/s8c WordPress theme development in WordPress codex Stepping into Templates What is necessary for a WordPress theme: At minimum a WordPress theme needs two files: index.php – controls structure of site (what the site does) style.css – the stylesheet for the site (how the site looks) […]

Images and Media Library

We didn’t get notes from this week’s meetup on Images and the media library, but I didn’t want to leave you empty handed, so here are a few links for you.  Images and galleries: From the WordPress Codex, here’s a nice step-by-step explanation of how to insert images (with screenshots). Similarly, here’s some documentation on Galleries. […]

Meetup: Dashboard and Post Formats

This week’s Focus on Content WordPress features a discussion of your WordPress Dashboard and what Post Formats are (and why you should care!), led by Corey Ellis and Bobbie Wilson. To start out, Corey explained the features of the Dashboard itself. He showed the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin, which shows a snapshot of Google Analytics […]

SSL Deep Dive

Presentation by Jason Cohen, @asmartbear, WPEngine.com co-founder.   Theme: Security – requires trust Privacy: trust in a shared secret. Enigma machines used in WWII by the Germans to send coded messages. One machine sent out a machine, and another with the same configuration could decode it. Algorithms are ways to encode things, and keys are the configuration. […]

Functions, functions, show us your functions!

Announcements: Fill out the WP Austin survey! New WordPress Austin meetups: WordPress for Business: 2nd and 3rd Mondays. First two are Feb 11th and Feb 18th. WordPress for Users: content and blogging; inaugural meeting on March 6. These meetups are in addition to our 1st and 4th Tuesday meetups. Join our WP Austin Meetup group for […]