WooConf Debrief and a Member Discussion

For two days store owners and WordPress developers interested in growing their knowledge of WooCommerce gathered in Austin for workshops and networking.

WooCommerce Ninjas shared tips and tricks with developers,and store owners had the opportunity to learn how to use the software to its full potential from eCommerce experts and other successful store owners.

Joshua Shipsey and Adrienne shared their impressions and take-aways from their WooConf experience. Joshua shared his impressions from a developer’s perspective and Adrienne talked about what she learbed as a  store owner who uses WooCommerce.

The last half of the meetup was a lively member discussion about what topics we would like the WooConference meetup to address during the next several months and if there any local WooCommerce presenters they would like the organizers to approach for talks or Workshops. We have a white board full of suggestions and will be posting the upcoming meeting agendas as soon as we can organize them and tap our targeted presenters.

Here are the links from Joshua’s slide deck:

WooConf site: https://wooconf.com/

Link to Peep Laja’s website and free ebook

Link to an eBook by WP Engine, Crowd Favorite, and Chirs Lema distributed at WooConf



WordPress Classes at HubAustin CoWorking

Nick and Sandi Batik have at last been able to reschedule their Hands-On Word Press classes that were canceled when Posh Co-Working Lounge closed. We have a new training venue for 2015 training schedule.  All classes will be taught at HubAustin Co-Working, 706 W Ben White Blvd, Building B, Suite 230B, Austin, Texas 78704. We are happy to announce that we will open the Hands On WordPress Summer Classroom Sessions with A Sane Approach to Social Media for Business. We will follow up, in July, with Taking Money – What You Need to know before You Install eCommerce and What you need to know to Install and Configure WooCommerce.  Hands On WordPress is  currently working with several subject matter experts developing courses for the balance of our WordPress Summer Classroom Sessions, and will announce additional classes as the curricula is finalized. If you are interested in the learning more about these WordPress courses, and want to review the course syllabus please go to: https://handsonwp.com

Hands-On WordPress Summer Training Schedule


A Sane Approach to Social Media for Business — Saturday June 27, 2015  — 9am – 3pm — lunch providedSane Approach to Social Media

Social Media experts, Kristen Shepard and Corrin Foster, have agreed to lead the class and have structured the curricula to answer many of the questions our members have asked about integrating social media with WordsPress to increase site traffic and expand brand recognition.  Kristen and Corrin have developed a sane approach to building and managing an online presence that will engage customers, streamline communication, and keep up in an increasingly competitive world. This class will help you determine which social media solution is best for your business, develop a customized action plan that fits your business model, and leaves you feeling empowered, rather than overwhelmed.

Taking Money — What You Need Know Before You Install eCommerce — Friday July 17, 2015 — lunch provided

Adding eCommerce to a site is more that just choosing and installing an eCommerce plugin. Your instructor, Toyin Akinmusuru is an experienced WordPress Developer and an eCommerce expert.  He will discuss how your business model type — selling a physical product vs a digital product, affects how you define your requirements and the structure of your eCommerce site. It will also influence the configuration of your eCommerce Plugin and extentions. Toyin will cover setting up shipping and tax requirements and focus on the critical security issues and solutions involved in “Taking Money.” By the end of this class you will leave with a through understanding of how to successfully integrate eCommerce into your WordPress site.

What you need to know to Install and Configure WooCommerce — Saturday July 18th, 2015 — lunch provided

What you need to know to install and configure WooCommerce

This one-day class will give you the information and resources you need to install and configure WooCommerce on your WordPress site. With over seven million installs, even before Automattic acquired WooCommerce, it was fast becoming the top eCommerce solution for WordPress. If you are ready to learn more about how to correctly install and configure WooCommerce on your existing WordPress site, or start a new online venture, this six-hour course is for you.

Thank you to all the folks who have stayed in touch by phone and email, asking when our Hands On WordPress classroom sessions would be available again. HubAustin offers a great training space and we are looking forward to teaching an expanded WordPress curriculum there.

NOTE: Posting information about WordPress classes or  functions is open to any WordPress Austin member. If you have a WordPress event you would like to publicize on wpaustin.com. Just contact the WPATX CoOrganizers through the Meetup mail and one of us will be happy to post it for you.