WordCamp Austin 2016 Call for Volunteers

We have a tentative proposal to host the 2016 WordCamp at the Commons Learning Center on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus at The University of Texas at Austin, on Saturday, August 27, 2016.  Like all WordCamps, WordCamp Austin is planned, organized, and run by volunteers from our local WordPress community — and we need your help!

As a volunteer, you’ll help our event run smoothly, make sure our attendees have a great time, and bolster our local WordPress community. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to meet more people in the community, deepen relationships, and give back to the open source software we all use and love.

As a volunteer at WordCamp Austin, you will:

  • Get an inside look at the planning stages of the conference
  • Be an essential part of the event on the day
  • Have the opportunity to meet interesting WordPress people
  • Be on the ground, meeting WordCamp attendees from all over the world (or at least the city)
  • Receive kudos for your time, attention and efforts

What Do We Need Help With?

We need people to help out beforehand and on the weekend.   Tasks that you may find yourself doing during the event include:

  • Processing registration
  • Putting together swag bags
  • Helping out at lunch time
  • Helping speakers
  • Running around with microphones during Q&A sessions
  • Moving people around
  • General administration

Can you help put together WordCamp Austin?