A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Plugins

If you are just getting started with WordPress there is a good chance you are trying to figure out just what plugins are, how they add functionality to your WordPress site and some suggestions about the must have plugins for your site. To access the meeting notes, all of the links, and the presentation slide deck go to: … [Continue reading]

Intro to browser tools: Understanding the technical aspects of Firebug

Presented by Nick Batik, Pleiades Services Firebug is a Firefox extension To get it, go to Firefox menu under Tools > Add-ons and search for Firebug and install it into your browser. Firebug allows you to go under the hood of your browser. You can view and change the code on any website to see what's running and what you can do to modify it. All changes are temporary in your own … [Continue reading]

WordPress.com for Business (and everything else)

Thanks to everyone who attended last night's Beginner's WordPress meetup and heard about the "other flavor" of WordPress: sites hosted on WordPress.com. My … [Continue reading]

The Technical Aspects of SEO for WordPress

Announcements WordCamp Austin 2014 will be in April, final location and dates TBA soon. It will be a two day event this year for $40, and we will have an online option for those who can't attend in person. We are still looking for people who are … [Continue reading]

Best Practices for Administering WordPress

For the notes to this meetup, visit Best Practices for Administering WordPress … [Continue reading]

Vagrant UP

Tonight's Advanced WordPress Meetup covers the topic of Vagrant. Chris Weigman gave the talk; his slides can be found here. … [Continue reading]

Sane Approach to SEO

Sane Approach to SEO

WordPress Beginners Series — December 16, 2013 Presenters: Nick Batik, H. Sandra Chevalier Batik Sane Approach to SEO was the sixth in our WordPress Beginners series sponsored by the Four Corners Chamber of Commerce and hosted by the Austin … [Continue reading]

How To Use Social Networks To Build Your On-line Brands and Customer Awareness

Presentation by Yvonne "V" Young of SincereSocial Social media is networking, sales, customer service and more. You're building relationships. Customer service through social media is a great way to reach out to your customers. Listen more … [Continue reading]

Great turn out at content strategy meetup


It's hard to pan the whole room with my phone, but this is my demonstration of real-time blogging as part of a content strategy.   … [Continue reading]

How to Choose and Install a WordPress Theme

MeetUp Notes for 09.16.13 There are thousands of free themes available on the WordPress Theme Directory and that doesn’t even include premium themes and the option of creating a custom theme. With all those options in mind, choosing between all of … [Continue reading]