You break it, you buy it

Upcoming events BlogathonATX (October 25th) The Freelance Conference (October 28th) Beginner's WordPress class (Oct. 11th) taught by Jackie Dana You break it, you buy it presentation by Bobbie Wilson Notes at Child theme on WordPress Codex: Creating a custom theme When modifying a … [Continue reading]

Effective Content Creation: Austin WordPress 09.15.14 Meet-up Notes

Best Practices for Effective Content Creation This WordPress for Beginners presentation focused on the tools and processes available to help those new to WordPress develop and implement a winning content creation strategy. After making all the hard choices to design and develop a great looking website every website owner faces the same problem — the “feed the beast” syndrome. How do we … [Continue reading]

eCommerce Start to Finish

Meetup Meeting Notes: eCommerce Start to Finish Monday, September 8, 2014 7:00 PM The Austin WordPress Meetup Group HubAustin Coworking 706 W Ben White Blvd #202B This month's Deep Dive Discussion will examine the eCommerce process — SSLs, shopping … [Continue reading]

WordPress Hooks and Filters

Presentation by Nick Batik, @Nick_Batik Nick's slides are available at The WordPress page lifecycle The events from when a web page is requested to when the page is … [Continue reading]

How to Choose and Install a WordPress Theme

Meetup notes from August 18, 2014 Meetup Session. To access the slide deck (that includes the various check lists and site tester) for “How to Choose and Install a WordPress Theme” please go to: … [Continue reading]

WordPress Security For The Non-Programmer

The past few months have been a series of “Rock your WordPress World” events for our community. The rapid growth in the popularity of WordPress has made our sites tempting targets for hackers. The attackers have become more ingenious — sniffing out … [Continue reading]

Fun with WP CLI

Add yourself as an admin user wp user create myusername --role=administrator --user_pass='password' Quickly reset a list of user passwords wp user list wp user update user1 user2 --user_pass='password' Correct URLs after DB … [Continue reading]

Building an Information Structure for your WordPress Site


This is part two, of a seven-part presentation series, structured to support those new to WordPress. The goal is to provide a contiguous set of WordPress Meetups designed to help attendees gain the skills to build and use a WordPress website. This … [Continue reading]

July WordPress YouthCamp

participants at YouthCamp take a bow

WordPress Austin held our first "stand-alone" WordPress YouthCamp on July 12th at the Twin Oaks Branch of the Austin Public Library. At this three-hour workshop, local WordPress developer Taylor Christensen taught beginning WordPress (using … [Continue reading]

User Experience in the Real World

Presentation by Clark Wimberly Links/slides from presentation here: Pros and cons of common UX blunders What is UX? What a user experiences study of rules guiding emotions worth their … [Continue reading]