Website Design Best Practices & How to Implement them in WordPress

Rich Plakas lead a lively presentation that covered what those new to WordPress need to know about Best Practices for Website Design and How to Implement them in WordPress. This presentation guided attendees through the types of questions and thought processes you need to keep in mind when developing a site for yourself or others. Who is the target audience? What is the primary goal of your … [Continue reading]

Security Advisory: XSS Vulnerability Affecting Multiple WordPress Plugins

This Security Advisory is Coordinated Disclosure by Sucuri and released jointly with all developers involved and the WordPress core security team and was posted on the Surcui Blog by  Daniel Cid on April 20, 2015 Multiple WordPress Plugins are vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) … [Continue reading]

Understanding The Web Hosting Options for Your WordPress Site

Understanding Hosting

April's Deep Dive Dive Discussion is one of our first, Member's Choice Topics — "How to I know what kind of web hosting features I need?" This discussion is for business site owners / managers considering adding eCommerce features, or site … [Continue reading]

Building a Steady Stream of Customers to your WordPress Site Using FaceBook

PRESENTER: Chris Mercer, you can catch his weekly PODCAST at: FaceBook is putting a firewall between personal and business accounts. Go to to get a free account. If you have an … [Continue reading]

2015 Austin Meetup Organizers and Volunteers


Thank you to all the folks that answered our call for volunteers. Below find our 2015 Austin WordPress Team Meetup Organizers Pat Ramsey  / @pat_ramsey Nick Batik /@Nick_Batik Sandi Batik / @Sandi_Batik Jackie Dana / @jadana17 Corey Ellis … [Continue reading]

What You Need To Know About Installing Jetpack Site Stats on your WordPress site

Brandon Kraft

Presenter Brandon Kraft follow@Kraft Scribe:Donna Blumberg Jetpack (here called JP)  is built into (here called sites. He briefly explained the difference between and (self hosted sites) Some themes … [Continue reading]

Deep Dive Group – Moving Forward

As we do every year, the Austin WordPress Meetup Organizer surveyed our members. Mendel presented the survey results to your intrepid program planners and some community volunteers and we can up with some major changes to how we will structure the … [Continue reading]

What WP Developers Need to Know about Responsive Images

Christopher Schmitt

This month's meet-up presented Christopher Schmitt, web design specialist, trainer, CSS3, HTML5, UX, IA consultant, and  author of Designing Web & Mobile Graphics, CSS Cookbook, the HTML5 Cookbook and several other books. He has given talks … [Continue reading]

Deep Dive Discussion — Effective Web Content Creation and Management

This month’s Deep-Dive Discussion, lead by H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik, focused on the tools and processes available to help you develop and implement an effective web content creation and management strategy for your WordPress site. Our discussion … [Continue reading]