Beaver Builder How-to and Intro

Talk by Cousett Hoover Pat Ramsey, and Ryan Hoover Beaver Builder delivers on the claim to “Free Up Your Time and Unleash Your Creativity”. With just a few clicks you can create a complex layout with dynamic content and eye-catching visuals. It is powerful, robust. So we deep dived into this for our practitioner's meetup! During the talk, Cousett covered the ins and outs of this powerful … [Continue reading]

How to vet a plugin for add on development

Video: Without plugins, many projects in WordPress would never have been possible. Almost all developers develop add-ons to modify existing plugins to fit a client’s needs. But how do we choose vendor plugins to develop add-ons for? What makes a plugin extensible? What makes it reliable? These are the questions that prompted me to create … [Continue reading]

WooConf Debrief and a Member Discussion

For two days store owners and WordPress developers interested in growing their knowledge of WooCommerce gathered in Austin for workshops and networking. WooCommerce Ninjas shared tips and tricks with developers,and store owners had the opportunity … [Continue reading]

Structuring and Developing a Winning Content Strategy

Many of our WordPress Beginners have asked for a dedicated session to address the best approach to developing a winning content strategy. Nick and Sandi Batik led this month’s discussion. They reviewed a few tools to help you get the most from your … [Continue reading]

Guide to Writing a Winning Proposal

An on-going discussion about starting and building a successful, freelance WordPress business… Last month we discussed finding clients for your Freelance business. At this month’s Deep Dive Discussion, Nick and Sandi Batik demonstrated tools and … [Continue reading]

Finding Your Company’s Voice

The March WordPress Practitioner's Meetup was the first in a series of "The Business of WordPress" topics our member's have requested. Our WP Practitioners attendees are about evenly divided between business owners and mangers who use WordPress daily … [Continue reading]

The Introverted Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients

March 14, 2016 Deep Dive Discussion about starting and building a successful  freelance business… Last month we discussed the tools and processes that can help our members build an efficient, effective Freelance business. Several members contacted … [Continue reading]

Intro to WordPress as an Application

WordPress Clients

It’s really an exciting time to be a WordPress practitioner right now, particularly as WordPress enters into a big transitional period with the introduction of the WordPress REST API! As a practitioner, you’re used to approaching a need, whether for … [Continue reading]

The WordPress Freelancer’s Tool Box

Austin WordPress Deep Dive Discussion Meetup  February 08, 2016 Sandi Batik and Nick Batik lead this month's Austin WordPress Deep Dive Discussion focused on what it takes to build a successful freelance WordPress business. The WPATX organizers have … [Continue reading]

WP Engine Sponsors the WP Boot Camp BBQ Lunch

Happy Joe is absolutely thrilled to announce that our lunches for WP BootCamp Austin will be catered by none other than POK-E-JOs Smokehouse. POK-E-JO’s will offer a Mesquite smoked barbecue buffet that will make your mouth water. In addition … [Continue reading]