Delicious to WordPress Importer

Stephanie linked to a post today where Guillermo wrote a rough importer for WordPress back in 2009 that imports a Delicious XML export into your WordPress install as Posts. It needed some reformatting of the functions to register properly with WordPress & not cause errors.

Download the Delicious Importer here.

How do you get your Delicious bookmarks as an XML file?

Use this URL: but place your username / password inbetween the :// and the rest of the URL with an @ before the URL. Example:

Once you have the exported XML file, install and activate the Delicious Importer plugin and import the XML file as you would a WordPress XML file.

Important – all your bookmarks will be imported, private ones, too. If you don’t want it imported, you will need to edit the XML file beforehand.

Update: Stephanie’s got a version on her site & hers handles private tags as private posts or invisible links. Grab a copy of it here.

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