How to Implement Website Design Best Practices in WordPress

Last month Rich Plakas covered what those new to WordPress need to know about Best Practices for Website Design. Based on our member’s requests, this month Rich showed attendees how to implement them in their WordPress sites. Rich reviewed some websites to help attendees to know what to look for in a best practices-designed site.

Here are two links Rich Plakas spoke about in regards to sliders or picture carousels:

2015-05-18 19.19.19 2015-05-18 19.19.30 2015-05-18 19.19.39 2015-05-18 19.21.46 2015-05-18 20.06.46 2015-05-18 20.06.59 2015-05-18 20.07.02 2015-05-18 20.08.27 2015-05-18 20.45.51 2015-05-18 20.46.42

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