There Is A CheckList For That!

Sandi Batik lead this month’s Deep Dive Discussion examining the importance of checklists in the design and development  of successful WordPress sites.  Most WP Devs has checklists they use at various stages of a site’s life cycle. Checklists can help make you more productive and lower stress levels during critical aspects of a site launch or migration. Checklists help dispel the dreaded ‘Hinky Feeling‘ that you might have forgotten an important step in a complex process.

During our deep dive discussion we shared favorite checklists, and talked about how to customize your checklist to match your workflow. As your skill set increases, your Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch, checklists will also evolve  — you can add, remove or change any of the items, depending on your workflow or client offerings. Bring your checklists to share and get ready to expand your WordPress toolbox.

You can find the Sandi’s slides at:

Checklists and Other Tools

In the spirit of full disclosure Sandi uses iThemes products for Pleiades Publishing Services and, and is a fan of both their products, and  iThemes as a business.

You can download the iThemes ebook, The Essential WordPress Site Launch Checklist, that was the source material for this discussion at:

WPROSPER, Do Well, Do Better With WordPress & iThemes:

If you are serious about being part of the WordPress Space as a Freelancer, Designer or Developer I would encourage you to sign up for Cory Miller’s WPROSPER.

This group was started early this year. It has great blogs and some FREE training events, with the goal of improving the way you manage your business.

As Sandi is always looking for Best Practices for the various aspects of WordPress site development, She shared a list of checklist that she found were helpful in vetting and improving her Working Checklists.

Remember your checklists have to follow your own workflow. As your tools and practices change so will your checklists.


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