The Introverted Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients

March 14, 2016 Deep Dive Discussion about starting and building a successful  freelance business…

Last month we discussed the tools and processes that can help our members build an efficient, effective Freelance business. Several members contacted us and asked us to follow up that presentation with a straight forward conversation about how to find and build a profitable client base. So in  this month’s Deep Dive Discussion, Nick and Sandi Batik focused on how to find and on-board clients for your freelance business, even if you are an introvert.

Many of our WPATX members expressed that it can seem daunting to start a freelance WordPress Consulting business. We talked about where to  start; what specialized services you are best suited to offer;  and how to find clients. The goal for this month’s Deep Dive Discussion was to examine how to build a healthy freelance WordPress practice that supports you and delights your clients.

You can find “The Introverted Freelancer’s Guide to Finding Clients” notes and slides here:

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