Effective Content Creation: Austin WordPress 09.15.14 Meet-up Notes

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Best Practices for Effective Content Creation

This WordPress for Beginners presentation focused on the tools and processes available to help those new to WordPress develop and implement a winning content creation strategy. After making all the hard choices to design and develop a great looking website every website owner faces the same problem — the “feed the beast” syndrome. How do we continually produce steady stream of engaging content for our WordPress site? How often should we update the content on our site’s ‘static’ pages? What can we do to add some dynamic content to our static pages to keep the Search-Bots coming back?

AustinWordPress Meetup Content Creation and Curation Nick and Sandi Batik discussed and demonstrated both offline and online tools and resources to use for brainstorming Blog topics, producing relevant content that targets the site’s audience, and ways to use that content to build an on-line community. The class discussed the correct use of categories in content organization, and the styles of written content that are most effective. Sandi introduced the topic of curating content and discussed the tools needed to conduct a content audit.

The link to the 09.15.14 WP Meet-up Best Practices for Effective Content Creation slide deck is:

As promised I’ve included the links  to the resources, plugins, process tools and apps we discussed during the meetup. All the links can be found at: http://handsonwp.com/knowledge-base/best-practices-effective-content-creation/

The goal if this session was to give beginners a starting place. As you continue to research  your site’s content strategy — question your assumptions, and refine your website’s objectives.

 If you have a good reason, consciously change your content creation plan.

Don’t drift into decisions.

Make changes based on facts — keep close watch on your site metrics.

Make sure that the content and the appearance of your website, are in alignment with your stated business goals and the needs of your target market.

We hope the resources and tools provided will help you get all those words and phases out of your head and organized into a site that does what you need it to do!

All of the organizers of the Austin WordPress group look forward to seeing you all at the next Austin WordPress Meet-up!