Building a Steady Stream of Customers to your WordPress Site Using FaceBook

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FaceBook is putting a firewall between personal and business accounts.

Go to to get a free account.

If you have an existing account with which you paid for FB adv,  you can migrate it in. Use your regular FB email and migrate the pages you already manage in.

Use your normal FB login.

Once you log in, it takes you to your dashboard. If you have a business page, you migrate it into this account.

Promoted Posts

You have your page and your page administration — which is where you do notifications and promoted posts.

Promoted posts are ‘boosted’ — these are the easiest type of  Facebook Advertising you can do. You share your post, you want anybody to see it, you pay for that.

Your primary audience are people who ‘Like’ your page — people who ‘Like’ your page and their friends, are the people you choose through targeting


Total budget for a campaign $5-$50, will tell you how many people you will reach.

What if you have a local, geographically limited region, it’s easy.

FB tells you how many people you will reach, based on how much $ you spend, where it shows, what demographics.

Share your post, boost a post from your website and drive people to your blog.

People you choose for targeting will be anyone out there.

Do lots of testing to see which market does best.

You could go to custom audience.

First you want to promote from people who liked your page.

It used to be that whenever I would share a post and 1000 reached — under the new FB process —  my organic posting only reached 16. It means they filled up in their feed, not that they read it or liked it. The more you promote it, the more will like your page.

Just do one thing, practice it before you do more.

Boosting posts is the easist way to start advertising on FB.

After that…


Choose the objectives for your campaign.

Put $100 in, and again and again. And you make $10, then $100 more and you make $30.

You can upload a list of email addresses of your buyers and only market to them and people like them.

Interests, kayaking, it offers other similar suggestions. And shows how many in an age group, region, behaviors,

There is a library of images from Shutterstock, all included for free.

Associate the images with a page.

You need to type in your headline.

Type in body copy.

Character length changes regularly by FB

You can add a button. It shows up in the ad and has a call to action.

Deeper description is the New Feed (only shows on desktop)

As you build the ad, you see a preview of what you are building.

All ads point to the same spot, headlines, descriptons are teh same, but you can test different images. It will tell you which ad, with which picture, got the most likes.

If you click on the image, it will go to your destination URL.

There’s a desktop news feed and a mobile version. Right hand, is when youa re in FB and they are on

Turn off the right hand column — it doesn’t work on mobil

FaceBook considers it an impression if it shows in their stream.

Use in your Ad the keywords for which your destination URL is optimized. It will help with relevancy. Congruence in headlines.

We name the campaigns so you know who you targeted–best practice.

Internet Marketing Gurus

IM Tools

SSM Like Us

Verify your results with Google Analytics.

Reach: How many people had it in their streams

FB does general reporting. You can set up custom reports for each day.

Click through rates will be on a report


It’s very targeted, people who are more than likely going to be your buyers.

Good blogs to follow:

SocialMediaExaminer — the best blog

PPC Hero, good for Adwords

Social Media Ad Genius (run by a guy who runs Social Media Blackbook)

When Mercer gets back to us with additional Blogs to follow I will post in WP Austin notes.

You can look at the cost per click and see how it varies by country, etc.

FB changes constantly. A moving target.

You spend a long time in Campaigns.

FB Tracks everything and because of that, you can see how people are connected to your page.

You can learn about their lifestyle.Are they single/married under Audience Insights in the Ad Manager.

Re-Marketing. When you come to my site, a pixel is placed on my site and the computer reports only to people who saw your page already. You can get very specific. In last 60 days, people got their pages shut down because the marketers got too good at pixel marketing.Good for building marketing personnas.

Pixels and cookies are almost the same thing. Cookies are physical things that stay on the browser. A pixel fires a snippet of code.

Pixel Code, you copy and paste into your footer.php. It’s a tiny Javascript snippet that has your unique id and tells facebook the moment the page loads, in the user’s database it says what page he has seen. This is why ads follow you. is one of several sites that protect you from re-marketing so ads won’t follow you.

You can upload your list of customer email addresses or phone numbers and FB will find them and let you add a look-alike list and you can target people most like your customers.

You can tie FB into your GA account. Each keeps track of their own stats.

The power editor on FB (really advanced stuff)

UTM Tracking.


There are two kinds of pixels,

Custom Audience pixel code (put it on every page)

FB tracks what they see.

To track conversions, go to Ad Manager/Conversion Tracking.

O’Lance, edesk, you will find the people who just took the Social Media Ad Genius course and learns it and starts executing on it. Pay $500 / month to start out. Give them access to your business account they will run and test and keep up.

On the higher end, those people will start charging. Get them early in their educational learning curve. Some charge $10K a month just to test. Some will charge 20% of what you you spend. If you don’t have time, ask how they do re-marketing, can I garget someone who is just my buyer.Ask a few questions. Give them $200 in the account and see what they can do.

Test, mobile, desktop, dif groups,see which ones respond best. Try different budgets. That ishow PPC advertisers do it. THey may lose a lot of money over $5-$10 campaigns. Most fail — but limit your losses and go with your winners.

Adwords has certifications for PPC consultants. FB does not yet.

MLM – stay away from

Diet – wellness, stay away from because of privacy issues.

FB has its own news feed, not an RSS feed.

The worst signal you can send FB about an ad is tell it to never show this ad again. FB freaks out. Don’t do it if it says sponsored.

If you do a promoted post, the shorter, the better.

If you promote a post, $5/day for 5 days, you will get 500 people, not 15.

FB has rules over images: you cannot have more than 20@ of the add be text. FB loves images. So logos may need to be small. Can’t promote images that have lots of text. They love video. The more video ads, the better. Use video testimonials.

now video is cheaper than an image.

80% of people on FB are on mobile. Its cheaper to reach on FB. Soon as you share it, it will show up organically. If you boost it, and the image doesn’t meet their approval. It takes 10 mins to go through. It’s machine language.

Thanks to Karen Kreps for taking and sharing her notes from Mecer’s class.

…And a huge thank you to Chris Mercer for sharing hisFaceBook experience and knowledge with our WordPress Community… I want to remind you all  of Mercer’s last point: The purpose of advertising on FaceBook or any other social Media platform is to drive traffic to your WordPress Site. Social media platforms can come and go and change their rules and process from one breath to the next — your WordPress site is your business.