2015 WP Kids Camp

TaylorTeaching WordPressThis year Taylor Christensen will lead Austin’s third WP Kids Camp as part of our WP BootCamp Austin on October 17th. The day includes workshop-style classes, learning sessions and time to work on their new WordPress site.

Please go to: http://wpbootcamp.com/austin/ to register for this event 

AGES: WP Kids Camp is geared toward kids aged 12-17


WP Kids Camp will be a full day workshop-style class meant to be an introduction to WordPress and geared toward the absolute newbie.WP Kids Camp Morning Session is 9 am — 12They break for lunch and will joint the WP Boot Camp Lunch 12 — 1pmThe WP Kids Camp Continues with the afternoon session 1pm to 4 pmWP Kids are invited to attend the closing WP Boot Camp plenary session with their parents/ guardians


Working laptop with the ability to connect to wifiUsername and password to an active account on wordpress.com.See: https://wordpress.org/support/register.php for how to sign up for a user name and password.

It is helpful to have an idea of what you would like to name your site or Blog

WP Kids CampOutline:

Introduction to WordPress

Posts vs Pages (organization)


The Dashboard




We are thrilled to announce that WP BootCamp Austin will be hosted by The For The City Center, a place for partnering nonprofits and other Austin-area organizations to reside, share meeting space, and join hands in the effort to maximize each others’ work toward city renewal.

The For The City Center is located at 500 East Saint Johns Avenue, Austin, TX 78752. Click here for a map.

Please go to: http://wpbootcamp.com/austin/ to register for this event

WP Kids Camp 

2015 WP Boot Camp

You Are Invited to Attend The 2015 WP Boot Camp

The 2015 WP Boot Camp will be held Oct 17th at the For The City Center, 500 E St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752. This facility has been designed to host events like ours. It features a state-of-the-art auditorium for our plenary sessions and comfortable, technology enhanced classrooms for breakout sessions and workshops. The venue is ADA Compliant and service dogs are welcome. It is conveniently located on a public transit line, and offers easily accessible, free parking. The facility is also home to the Vessel Coworking space.



For The City Front view

Both Vessel Coworking and For The City Center have stepped up as Venue Sponsors.

Their board members have donated this wonderful space to 2015 WP Boot Camp to support the Happy Joe mission of offering veterans an introduction to the opportunities in web technologies and to highlight the various career paths available to them as members of the WordPress Community.

We only have 150 tickets set aside for the Austin WordPress community, so don’t delay. Go to http://wpbootcamp.com/austin/ to order you tickets for October 17th general sessions. We have put together a get program and will posting our speakers and session descriptions in a few days.

Veterans always attend WP Boot Camp for Free.

If you know a vet, please extend this opportunity to join our WordPress Community. I look forward to seeing you at this firstWPATX WP Boot Camp.

Multisite Network Do’s and Don’ts – Experience from Some Enterprise Solutions

We’ve all built a ton of WordPress sites. We’ve also managed them all too. You’ve probably heard about WordPress Multisite Networks, and all the awesome things it can (and can’t) allow you to do.

With great power, comes great responsibility. During this talk, Taylor steped through the do’s and don’ts of Multisite Networks. He shared how WordPress Multisite can be your best friend or worst enemy… but usually both… at the same time.

Taylor share his pro-tips, eureka moments, and hard lessons learned from his experience setting up and running multisite networks for small private company intranets, all the way to global enterprise brands.

By the end of his presentation attendees learned the pros and cons of WordPress Multisite Networks, best practices for setting up and running a multisite, and know about alternatives if multisite isn’t a fit for your next project.

Taylor McCaslin is an Austin based Technical Product Manager at WP Engine, a managed WordPress hosting platform. He has shared his  slides and additional resources at: https://www.taylormccaslin.com/wpatx/

You can following him@Taylor4484.

Once again, the WPATX Community thanks our very first Sponsor, WP Engine for their ongoing support of our WordPress community, and so generously sharing the expertise of their in-house expert developers.

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2015 Austin Meetup Organizers and Volunteers

Thank you to all the folks that answered our call for volunteers. Below find our 2015 Austin WordPress Team

Meetup Organizers

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2015 Meetup Volunteers

2015 WPATX Social Media Volunteers

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2015 Austin WordPress Meetup Website Volunteers

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2015 Video Team

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2015 Meetup Scribe Volunteers

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